Research links studied in partnership between Warrnambool university and Canadians


The Standard

Jan. 25, 2014

DEAKIN University’s Warrnambool campus is teaming up with a major Canadian aquatic research centre to investigate shellfish health management.


Dr Ahmed Siah, a research scientist at the British Columbia Centre for Aquatic Health Sciences, will spend 10 days in Warrnambool studying research links between Australia and Canada. See your ad here

Dr Siah said the research was valuable to the fishing industry to detect viruses before the outbreak of disease on farms.

“We would like to collaborate because we think there are similarities between the industry in Canada and this region of Australia,” he said.

“We expect that problems would be the same, so it’s better to collaborate and work on the same thing.”

As a research scientist with expertise in molecular biology, Dr Siah has developed techniques to detect viruses, bacteria and parasites in shellfish.

He will be working with Deakin University’s senior lecturer in the School of Life and Environmental Sciences, Dr Luis Afonso, who shares similar expertise.


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